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Email & Mobile SMS Marketing Combined


    • Custom Optin Forms
    • Contact List Building
    • List Grouping & Management
    • Autoresponders
    • Responsive Email Templates
    • Social Network Integrated
    • Reliable Delivery
    • Unlimited Emails
    • Video Email Option
    • Full Tracking (Opens, Bounces)
    • Split Testing
    • Robust API



Both eMail Marketing & Mobile SMS Marketing In One Account


Email Marketing

By far one of the best ways to get results. So many consumers check their emails all day long, all the time. You will for sure reach them when you work with PedalDown. Build lasting relationships, drive new sales for your products and services, and get the results you deserve for your business.



Mobile SMS Marketing

A person on average checks their text messages once every 6 minutes. This by far is the fastest and result in getting your message read. There are five mobile devices to every one computer in the world… Get your messages out with the most cost effective way and you will get results.

Video eMails - NEW!

Our new video emails is getting 30x more open rates over standard text emails

Add it to one of our packages today!

Creative Design Campaigns

Hundreds of HTML email / mobile templates that are easy to use and are designed to get peoples attention.

Create your email message in minutes and be emailing your offers out instead of trying to figure out and create a design.

We also have professional designers to help with customized templates.

Form Building Tool

Gather new subscribers with pre-coded sign-up forms embedded on your site(s) You can easily create any type of form for your website, blog, or even Facebook. Create or choose a design that fits your campaign or relates to your business.

We have hundreds of great-looking templates. Customize the style and you can add as many input fields as needed along with radio style and regular check boxes, graphics and even create polls and contests.

Simple List Management

Easy import your list database from other popular software clients or even from your hard drive. If you need something specific just contact us and we can help. You will feel confident knowing your email database is clean and with our system, they remain that way.

Automate or manually create your email lists. Use powerful category creation segments to enable all types of visitors to subscribe with integrated widgets at your disposal.

Email Creation is as Simple as Drag and Drop

It’s very easy to create engaging email marketing campaigns using PedalDown’s online user interface.  

Our advertising email campaign creation wizard streamlines the email creation process along with providing flexible design and delivery options including our pre designed templates, Drag & drop editor, with the ability to use your own HTML, scheduled email and SMS campaign delivery.

For more technical clients we make it so you can also leverage PedalDown’s powerful APIs for a closer integration with your project.

Social Integration Emails and Mobile Marketing

Our social integration and sharing is like no other. Do you want to scrape potential opt-in customer demographics for true targeted marketing with our email and SMS marketing platform.

Get ready for total analytic reporting, and use the information to group your contacts for all your target marketing tactics. Easy one button opt-in forms for your social network database.

Responsive Email Design

Nоw your campaigns will trulу be a rеѕроnѕіvе dеѕіgn. Emаіl Zооm makes аll уоur advertisements аnd nеwѕlеttеrѕ lооk bеаutіful аutоmаtісаllу.

They look grеаt nо matter whether subscribers ореn thеm оn dеѕktор оr a mobile рhоnе or device, ѕо уоu can nоw reach 68% more nеw сlіеntѕ аnd grоw more buѕіnеѕѕ and close mоrе sales. Fields as needed аlоng wіth check bоxеѕ, grарhісѕ аnd еvеn create роllѕ and соntеѕtѕ.

Auto Responders

You have the controls to effectively manage your email and mobile SMS Text Advertising automation. Send follow-up email communications with custom offers, advertisements and so much more.

Perfect your unique content, scheduling and strategies with easy but powerful time-based and action type messages that correspond perfectly to your subscribers’ needs and interests.

Target using opt in short codes for your mobile device marketing and opt in email mining tools for your email campaigns.

Split Testing Email Campaigns (A/B)

Run effective campaigns and see from reports which offers work best with your targeted audience.

Test, analyze and optimize any part of your message. Check the Click Through Rate (CTA), best time to send emails, subject lines, from fields and so much more with our split testing for all your email campaigns.

Effective Marketing Email ROI Dashboard

Our simple easy to use Dashboard will help you effectively manage all your campaigns. See statistics on how your email and / or SMS advertising and marketing campaigns or performing.

See and track email bounces, spam reporting, deliveries, opens and unsubscribing emails in real time. This is will also keep track of your A/B split testing.

Email Deliveribility

We are one of the top, bar none, as we specialize in the correct way to get your messages and newsletter in the inbox…

We have many years and so much experience and all we do is email and mobile marketing. We will show you how to get it done.

Unlimited Emails

Never any limits on the amount of emails you can send from your database.

You will get a better value not being limited to a certain amount of emails. Our service is very cost effective!

Email & Mobile SMS Marketing Pricing Packages

$10 / month
  • Includes 50 Free SMS/Mo
  • No Free Local Mobile Number
  • 10 Sub-Accounts
$15 / month
  • Includes 100 Free SMS/Mo
  • 1 Free Local Mobile Number
  • 50 Sub-Accounts
$25 / month
  • Includes 250 Free SMS/Mo
  • 1 Free Local Mobile Number
  • 25 Sub-Accounts
$40 / month
  • Includes 500 Free SMS/Mo
  • 2 Free Local Mobile Number
  • 50 Sub-Accounts
$60 / month
  • Includes 1000 Free SMS/Mo
  • 3 Free Local Mobile Number
  • 100 Sub-Accounts
$140 / month
  • Includes 2500 Free SMS/Mo
  • 4 Free Local Mobile Number
  • 250 Sub-Accounts
$245 / month
  • Includes 5000 Free SMS/Mo
  • 5 Free Local Mobile Number
  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts
$440 / month
  • Includes 10000 Free SMS/Mo
  • 10 Free Local Mobile Number
  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts
SMS CPM and Additional Contact Fees:

Each SMS message sent will cost $0.02 CPM,
Each additional contact added over package limit will cost $0.01 CPC
Upgrade Free Mobile Local Number to Toll Free $7.00

Add-Ons & Upgrades:

Each Additional Mobile (Local) Number $7.00 each
Each Additional Mobile (Toll Free) Number $9.00 each
Video eMailing (CALL)


All of The Following Are Included In All of Our Packages

unlimited-emails-icoSend Unlimited Emails

contact-list-icoContact List Management

split-testing-icoIntelligent Split Testing

resposive-email-design-icoResponsive Email Templates

autorsponder-emailsFree Autresponders

reporting-dash-icoReal-Time Tracking & Reporting

email-templates-icoDrag n Drop Email Creator

social-profile-icoSocial Profile Mining

api-integrationsRobust API Interface

form-builder-icoForm Building Templates & Tools

social-integration-icoSocial Network Integration

client-support-icoDedicated Support Manager


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