Pedaldown marketing frequently asked questions

We have answered some question about our internet marketing service below that may help and guide you through our products and services.

How much does it cost for your services ?
To sign up for your PedalDown account is 100% free and there is no obligation to purchase anything. If you are interested in pricing for managed marketing services we can assist you by simply contacting us directly, or through your PedalDown account. Evey business model is treated different and we will do a complete analysis to give you the best quote for our service for any of the marketing services of your interest.
Do you have discounts for multiple services ?
We sure do! We offer many different marketing packages that will meet your budget. You can go to our “Packages” page and sleect a package to get started. You can also create your own package, or just tell us the services you are interested in and we will break them down for individual and package pricing.
What are marketing plugins ?
We are one of the first online marketing companies to provide marketing plugins. This allows our clients to easily choose services marketing strategies that make sense for their business. What many marketing companies do is offer one main package that has many marketing services that may not be needed or applicable to your business model. By offering simple plugins, our clients only need to use services and marketing strategies that will help their business, and save them a ton of money.
How do I track my marketing progress ?
For every PedalDown client, we will provide detailed reports on the services and marketing progress. In many cases we will provide the progress reports and analytics directly in your PedalDown account dashboard. We never leave our clients in the dark and you will always know your progress of the services and marketing we provide. One of the best ways we find to show your progress with PedalDown is by the by the large number of sales you are getting from our efforts. What better way is there than that!
What if I am not happy with your service or results ?
We make it simple for you to cancel at anytime. We never make you sign a contract, all of our accounts are month to month. If for what ever reason you decide to cancel, we will make that process very simple by either contacting us to request a cancel of your account, or simply clicking the cancel button in your account profile. Any company that makes you sign a long term contract for Web services or marketing is a company you never want to deal with.
What sets PedalDown apart from other online marketing companies ?
We have many features we can offer our clients that other marketing companies can’t. Just a few things that we can offer is better prices, more results, and a team of knowledge we pass along through our marketing strategies. We create many of our own strategies that are proven to work. In many cases we set the standards in new innovative marketing that many other marketing companies follow. The best way to describe what sets us apart, is we are innovators and pioneers!
I only want to market locally, can you help ?
This is our specialty, we can geographically target your marketing to a region, state, city and even down to a neighborhood or zip code. That is a very important question that you should always ask a marketing company. The reason is many online marketing companies are only structured for global and you will end up paying more money with no effective results for your local area.
I have a global business, can you help my marketing on a global scale ?
Global marketing is where we started. We have the best tools to market your business on a global scale. We can get you seen in every major global marketing and do it at a cost that will meet your budget. Our toolbox is full of strategies when it comes to global marketing.
What if I need assistance ?
We are here to assist our clients in any way, shape, or form. If you have a simple question, just ask. If you have a complicated question, just ask. We pride ourselves on customer service. It is the most important element of our business to make sure our clients are happy and making money through our services and marketing we provide.