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Every business needs an edge on the Internet, and using marketing strategies is the one thing that can place one business ahead of another.

We offer all of the latest marketing solutions and strategies that is designed to give your business that edge over your competitor all while not breaking the bank.

Compared to other online marketing companies, PedalDown is one of the best you will find. This is because we create our own marketing strategies and solutions proven to work for our clients. When dealing with PedalDown Marketing, you are dealing with the innovators not the followers.

 Online Marketing Designed For Today’s Market!

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Search Submission

We will submit your website to all the major search engines which includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, and several more. We will make sure your website i page optimized before submission to assure it gets indexed correctly.

Search Optimization

We use all the latest techniques and years of knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO) as well as using trade secrets. We will not only get your website ranked on the top pages of search engines, but keep you there.

Local Search Directories

If you do business locally, then we can create local business pages and optimizing them on all the local directories such as Yelp, YP, Trip Advisor Google and more. When someone is looking for you locally, you will be right at the top.

Social Media Management

We can set up your social pages and  build a social presence that can be fully or partially managed for your business. We work with all the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and more to bring you more business.

Reputation Management

Our reputation management service starts with your reviews. We will implement an exclusive service solution that will allow your business to get unlimited amounts of positive reviews while pushing down any negative reviews.

Lead Generation

Getting leads is a must for any business. We have several lead generation solutions for your business through our other marketing solution options. We will implement the best lead strategies based on your business model.

eMail & SMS eMarketing

We can provide both email and SMS mobile message e-marketing for your business. We can help build contact lists, set up custom message campaigns using all the tools we provide to bring new sales directly to your business.

Video Marketing

In addition to video production for website sales pages, we can provide additional video production and distribution for videos  through several media channels as well as ranking your videos directly in search results.

Articles & Press Releases

Article and press releases is one the best marketing strategies for your business. This will help for getting recognition for your business as well as ranking positions on search engines. We will write and submit all the articles directly.

Pay Per Advertising

Whether if it is Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Mille (PPM), Pay Per Lead (PPL) or Pay Per Action (PPA) we can create great campaigns that work only with networks that will give you the highest ROI. We can work with any budget.

Retarget Marketing

You never want a potential buyer to slip away. With PedalDown’s retarget marketing we will implement a strategy to acquire new contact with potential buyers that slipped away. Our strategies will convert your customers by 4x.

Incentive Marketing

We  provide a complete marketing strategy get your promotions, coupons, discounts and loyalty reward programs directly in front of customer, while saving  you money and growing your customer base all with a click of a button.

Customer Surveying

Allow your business to interact with your customers to find out how your business is performing in real time. Make adjustments on the fly to improve customer relations and profits based on your customers feedback.

Review Marketing

This is an exclusive marketing solution offered through PedalDown Marketing. We can make the review process for your business  a profitable experience by marketing your positive reviews directly to customers.

Product Zone

Our product zone marketing will place your products right in front of potential buyers. We can manage promotions and direct product placement on the top shopping reviews sites to get your product full exposure to buyers.

Publisher Networking

Working through out the many years in marketing PedalDown has aligned with some of the best publishing affiliate networks in the world. We will completely manager your products or services through these established networks.

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