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There is more to advertising than just pay per click (PPC) marketing and we have it down to a science!

Getting More Bang for Your Buck

Did you know there is more to advertising than pay per click (PPC)? Did you know there are much better advertising platforms than just the big three search engines?

PedalDown can offer other types of profitable pay per campaigns, like pay per leads (PPL) and pay per mille (PPM).

We use hundreds of different pay per networks that will get much more traffic for a lot less money than just using the big three search engines.

Pay Per Advertising Network Management

Our pay per advertising network will align your business with the best possible options for pay per click, pay per leads or pay per impressions. We work with hundreds of search engines and networks to find the best option that will guarantee a return on your money spent through our managed network.

Complete Analysis of Your Business

In order to be successful through any pay per advertising network we need to gain a complete understanding of your business. We will do a complete pay per management usability analysis of your website, business structure, products, services, targeted market, and brand.

The pay per management’s usability analysts will dissect your website and determine areas problematic for users in terms of navigation, ease of use, organization, intuitiveness, aesthetics, site functionality, load speed and quality standards, etc).

We will look at any past PPC history (if applicable) to determine effectiveness, relevant keywords and negative keywords.

Use of proper keywords is one the major keys to success. Our team will create the best possible keywords for your ad group campaigns and match them to the best networks that will get you high click through rates at the lowest price possible.

Not every business can spend thousands of dollars a month, we completely understand that and know we can create effective campaigns that will drive traffic to your business on almost any budget.

After we put the magnifying glass to your business, we can then set up the most effective advertising campaigns money can buy.

Pay Per Click? Pay Per Lead? or Pay Per Mille?

After a complete analysis of your business and website we will be able to determine which is the best platform based on our findings.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is when you are charged for each click your advertisement receives by end user.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) is when you are charged when the end user completes a preset action, such as filling out contact form.

Pay Per Mille (PPM) is when you a charged for 1000 (mille) impressions on pages your advertising appears.

While 99% of the other pay per advertising companies are going to put you on a PPC campaign, that may not be the best route for your business. We find about 10% of business models we deal with perform much better on a PPL or PPM advertising campaigns.

We will make the best choice to assure you are getting the most out of your budget.

Our Network Partners

Throughout the many years in business we have partnered with the best networks that deal in pay per click, pay per leads and pay per mille.

Search Engines: Yes, we are partners with the big three search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing and will use their PPC search and contextual advertising if we know it will benefit your business. In addition to the big three, we will use many smaller search engines that have less advertising competition and much lower costs per click.

Social Networks: Use of social networks is a great platform if you use good advertising campaigns and demographic targeting. We have partnered with all the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn plus several other top social networks.

Blog Networks: One of the best partners we have is with large blog networks that will allow us to place your creative advertising campaigns directly on blogs of relevance to your business. This can get your the best possible potential clients that are looking for what you are selling.

Publisher Networks: One of the many overlooked advertising networks is publisher networks. We use only the top publisher networks that guarantee a return on our investment. We have seen some of the best returns for our clients using these overlooked publisher networks.

Private Networks: Through our years of experience and contacts we have access to exclusive advertising networks that only accept elite clients. This is because they only want good quality advertising campaigns which PedalDown provides.

Full Reporting – Know Where Your Money is Being Spent

One of the most important elements of managed advertisement is to know if you are making money on your marketing dollars spent. We will provide detailed reporting of how much of your budget is being spent, where it is being spent and how much return on your investment your are getting.

Don’t be left in the dark anymore, you need to know if you are making money from your pay per click, pay per leads, or pay per mille campaigns. PedalDown will provide you with detailed reports that spells out how much money your are making through our managed service.

Fully Service Pay Per Management

Pay Per Management is the ongoing process of building, maintaining and analyzing advertising campaigns through the network platforms we deal with. We analyze your advertising campaigns on a daily basis to garner the best results possible.

These network platforms are highly complicated and constantly changing. They offer a large variety of ways to advertise and each is unique.

With the amount of money you spend on these platforms, and the process of Pay Per management determines the outcome of each dollar invested.

Professional Pay Per Management should be considered by any business that has a marketing investment large enough to justify hiring professionals for help.

PedalDown can focus on helping businesses spending as little as $300 per month and as large as $2,000,000 per month across all of our advertising networks platforms.

Pay Per Advertising Management Pricing

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