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What PedalDown Can Do For Your Reputation!

  • Turn Positive Reviews Into Sales
  • Monitor Your Online Reputation In Real-Time
  • Interact Directly With Customer Reviews
  • Use Reviews as Lead Generation
  • Built In Incentive Marketing for Promotions
  • Salvage Negative Review Before it Posts
  • Improve Your Customer Reviews
  • Happy Customers Turn Into Free Advertising
  • Respond To Complaints to Show You Care
  • Positive Reviews Gets You New Customers
  • Help Your Search Engine Review Rankings
  • Increase Your Sales Up to 80%
  • Decreases Your Marketing Budget

PedalDown The Leader in Online Reputation Management

Do you know what your customers see when they search your business online? Do you know what is being posted about you and your business?

What appears when you search your business name on search engines is one of the most important pieces of your business. If you are not taking control of your online reputation, you are risking your business every day. Negative reviews, whether true or false, affect your credibility to your customers. Time to take control of your reputation!

Reputation Management Software

98% of your potential customers will search your business online.

Online Reputation Management

84% of your potential customers will read reviews on your business.

Monitor and Manage your Reputation

If you have positive reviews, you can convert up to 4x more customers

Our Reputation Management Process

Reputation Analysis:  We start the reputation management process by analysis of any existing negative content your business may have. We will do a full work up of where your business stands online when it comes to reviews and your reputation.  We check your review positioning on all the major search engines and local directories to create a target for our Review Manage system.

Aggressive Strategy:  We will create a strategy on the best way to implement our Review Manage system to use your positive reviews to help push more traffic to your business, while pushing down any negative review results you may have received in the past.

Review Manage Monitoring:  Your online reputation will then be fully monitored by PedalDown’s Review Manage system and staff so that only positive accurate content is posted on review sites and in search results. We will use special techniques and software through our Review Manage system that will allow your company to interact with negative reviews which can resolved to a positive review before it is posted.

Turning Positive Reviews Into Sales

A positive review can be one of the best marketing tools you have if you know what to do with it. After our Review Manage system collects positive reviews we will be able to create marketing campaigns for your reviews.

Amplify: The first process is to amplify your positive reviews and use through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more. This will automatically allow you to share your reviews on social networks to create a powerful platform for exposure and linking.

SEO: We will use strategies to use positive reviews to help show your business in the top search engine results. When customers search for your business it will surround your business search results with all positive reviews. This will create immediate trust and conversions for your business.

Distribution: You can hand pick websites that will distribute your positive reviews. Many will be based on the relevance to your business model and index them accordingly on the search results. In our reputation analysis we will give you suggestions on where your reviews would best be posted.

Automated: The best part of all that we just mentioned is completely automated through our exclusive Review Manage system.

Hands Free Review Manage Solution

Through the Review Manage system your business will receive review interaction and tracking software. This software will be hosted directly through our servers so there is no complicated downloading or any interaction for the Review Manage system as a business owner. The software will not only self monitor customers reviews, it will attract them to leave a review about your business.

Interaction: The interaction and tracking software allows all businesses to intervene in the review process if needed. If a positive review is entered, the review will automatically post to several preselected review websites or even to your own business website. If a negative review is entered, the software will notify the business administrator, manager or owner of your business to allow them to interact with customer to resolve any issues. In most cases this will turn a negative review into a positive review.

Technology: The Review Manage system software technology will use QR (Quick Response) codes onsite to allow customers to easily submit a review with a click of a button on their smartphones. Also we provide  QL (Quick Link) technology to allow online users to easily submit a review online through a direct Web page.  Either process will allow the business to interact with reviews directly.

PedalDown’s Review Manage (RM) System

Here is an example of how our Review Manage system will work for your business.

Review Manage System Features:

Hands free system that requires no interaction with business owner to work. The complete Review Manage system is hosted on our servers and all the business needs to do is tell us where they want all their positive reviews posted.

An easy mobile-friendly way to obtain reviews BEFORE a customers leaves your place of business, or website. This will resolve the issues the difficulty to obtain reviews from your customers.

A quick and convenient way for customers to post positive reviews about your business which will consistently BOOST the reputation of your business, leading to great marketing material and more sales.

A complete automated way to PREVENT bad reviews from ever being posted about your business in the first place, allowing you to protect your reputation and put things right with customers who otherwise would have been lost forever.

This can be set up exclusively as a customer surveying platform, which allows your business to set up surveys for your customers and business. Also a hybrid, which will allow bot reviews and surveying which is the business’s choice on how to use Review Manage.

This program has a built-in promotion and incentive features. As an OPTION your business can provide incentives for posting the instant review. For example ‘Get 5% off next visit for posting your instant review.” This not only will give incentive to the customer to post their instant review, you then can be assured your customer will be coming back. Also our RM software has a built in loyalty program which can integrate through the review process, or used as a separate component.

As another OPTION, Review Manage can be set up for lead generation for future marketing for your customers who leave reviews. The review process can be set up as an “Opt in” that will allow you to send promotions to your previous customers.

Your reviews can now be marketed through search engine optimization and marketing campaigns on social networks. After your reviews grow,  they can be optimized on search engines to show up directly when your business is searched. Also the reviews can be set up as ad campaigns through social networks for little expense to your business.

Your business will choose which social networks and review sites the instant review posts will be seen. We have all the major social networks and review sites that your reviews can be posted to. It is your choice on which you want to have the reviews posted. Our Review Manage software will even posted the reviews instantly to your website as a testimonial if you choose.

This is all provided through our exclusive Review Manage system we implement in our reputation management service.

Here is an example how the Review Manager works

Let’s say one evening, Jim decides to visit his local steakhouse “Bronco’s” After Jim’s meal, a waitress asks Jim if he enjoyed hist steak and service, then prompts Jim to use his smartphone to provide his feedback. This process takes a matter of seconds and is done by scanning a provided QR (Quick Response) code or visiting a URL provided by waitress.

Bronco’s has a choice of using a standard QR code and URL which they can place on cards on each table, OR they can use specific QR/URL cards for each of their waiters or waitresses to get even deeper analysis of their business.

Once the customer scans QR or visits URL, they will be redirected to Bronco’s website submission page and a message will be displayed asking Jim if he enjoyed his steak and service. At this point, 1 of 2 things will happen…

Option #1 – Jim Clicks “Yes”

If this happens, Jim will be redirected to a fully customizable “thank you” page where he is asked to share his positive review on sites like Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google Local, website testimonials, etc. (Bronco’s gets to choose which review directories the review will be inserted).

Free Advertising After Review

When a positive review is placed will ensure that your customer’s experience will be seen by a much wider audience of potential customers, helping to further boost the Bronco’s reputation and leading to more customers and sales. This is absolutely FREE advertising for Bronco’s.

Option #2 – Jim Clicks “No”

This is where the power of our Review Manage software kicks in. If Jim is unsatisfied in any way, he is redirected to contact form where he is asked to voice his complaint. His negative comment is monitored,  then emailed to business to salvage the customer before it posts to review sites.

Review Management Pricing

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Custom Reputation Management

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