Retarget Marketing

Implementing the intent from search to the powerful display of your business consistently directly to your customers to reacquaint your customers to your business.

Retargeting Increases Sales by 4x


  • Precision Retargeting
  • Unlimited Reach
  • Search – Website – Social Targets
  • Rapid Optimization
  • Brand Recognition
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Top Quality Service

PedalDown’s Retarget Marketing Powerful Innovative Technologies

Retarget marketing is very effective to drive top mind awareness with people actively looking for your products and services. PedalDown is an innovative display advertising solution that targets prospects who have searched for your business keywords and those who have visited your website.

By combining these two powerful targeting techniques into one unique offering, PedalDown puts your brand in front of consumers over and over again while they are making a purchase decision. This combination enables brands and agencies to apply innovation and creativity with data-driven advertising to reach the most relevant audiences at any scale. PedalDown’s innovative retargeting is exclusive using our own technology developed onsite.

How Retarget Marketing Will Work For Your Business

  1. Shopper is looking to purchase a product your business provides.
  2. Shopper user search engine using keyword optimized to your business brand or product.
  3. Shopper locates your website, then click the link from search engine to visit your website. The shopper then leaves your website without making any purchase.
  4. Because PedalDown has implemented your retarget ads, the shopper will then start seeing your ads on other websites, social networks, blogs, etc.
  5. The shopper then recognizes your ad as being a product they are interested in, then will click the ad and be redirected back to your website.
  6. The shopper then makes purchase on your website. Facts show using this process will convert 4x more of your customers who get retargeted.

Search Retargeting

By explicitly typing words or phrases into search boxes, consumers show interest and intent related to products, brand preference, and purchasing decisions. Our search retargeting technology identifies people who have shown interest in purchasing by searching for keywords related to your business.

Our search retargeting shows your display ad to consumers based on their search terms, from broad keywords related to your products and services (like “tires”) to specific trademarked terms that show purchase intent (like “Firestone prices”). This means your business and brand are in the top of consumer’s mind when they are ready to buy.

Site Retargeting

Our site retargeting identifies consumers who have recently visited your website and shown interest for your products or services. It will then continue to retarget them with your display ad as they visit other websites or social networks across the Web.

By showing your ad repeatedly over time, our site retargeting gives reputation to your products, services and brand that encourages your cunsumers to return to your website.

Cross-Platform Retargeting

PedalDown can provide the neeeded technology in mobile app and cross-screen retargeting. We work with the mobile transactional brands to drive cross-screen retargeting and maximize your
product, service or brand across all major mobile devices.

We use automatic deep segmentation based on your users’ activity—down to the product level. With the use of dynamic creative with messaging tailored to each user, designed to drive significant retarget traffic to your website through mobile devices to the point of purchase, maximizing conversion rates.


Full Reports and Analytics

PedalDown will track all the activity from your retargeting campaigns, including impressions, website visits, and more. And, you can see your results with easy-to-understand reports. That way, you can see your retarget impact on your brand in real time.

We will use our heatmap analytics along with the retarget reports to fine tune your website to
assure your business is getting the best possible conversion rates possible.

Why Choose PedalDown for Your Retarget Marketing?

PedalDown retargeting is a full-service display advertising solution specializing in audience targeting. Our solutions help you optimize your marketing budget by serving targeted display ads to the right people at the right time creating the best ROI.

Precision Retargeting

Our advanced retargeting solutions help you drive the right traffic to your site and bring back past visitors.

Unlimited Reach

Access over 98% of ad inventory available across the Web, including all the top sites locally or globally.

Rapid Optimization

Improve retarget effectiveness, quickly, easily and in real time with powerful optimization tools.

Brand Recognition

Gain brand recognition and place your products or services in from of consumers when they are ready to buy.


Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Get more out of your marketing dollars budget by focusing your retargeted ads on the right audience.

Top Quality Service

Benefit from a dedicated account manager who will help set up, optimize, and report on your retarging performance.

Retarget Marketing Pricing

Our retarget marketing prices are based on the amount of traffic you are wanting and per your budget. Contact us and we can give you a free analysis of how much our retargeting campaigns will cost. We have packages starting as low as $100 per month.

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