Social Media Management

We can take your social presence to another level through our full managed social media solution!


Managed Social Media Services

Social media through Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube are the ultimate tools to increase your visibility in your target market and engage in a relationship with your customers.

We will create all the needed pages that represents your company, and then help to build your follower base and get the conversation going.

PedalDown’s social media experts can do it all for you!

Fully Monitored

We can monitor the entire social Web to fully manage your business social media activities.

Social Engagement

We engage your social media audience through active response and promotions.

Powerful Analytics

Our social analytics will provide in depth details of your social media growth.

Leave it in Our Hands When it Comes to Social Media

In today’s age of online business it is an absolute must to provide some level of social media for your your business. No matter what your business niche, size of business, or whether your business is local or global you need to have a social presence.

The problem many small businesses face is TIME! Who has time to spend several hours a week to manage their social media, while still trying to run a business. Even spending several hours a week on just one social network will just allow you to keep up, and not allow you to grow your social network to the potential it has.

While many business face this challenge, we have a solution. Allow PedalDown to manage and grow your social media presence to levels you could only have dreamed of. We can fully manage and market your business through one or all of the major social networks that will work with any business niche, budget and expectation.

This will allow you to grow your business and do what you do best – running your business!

Motivating and Growing Your Audience

We will start by optimizing your profiles to look great and cross-promote your business across multiple social media websites that are found by people searching for a business like yours. This will maximize your online exposure and will rapidly grow your audience on your social network.

We will then turn your fans and followers into customers by direct activities, engagement and creating original content and messages that will start real-time interactions with the end result that drives customers to your business.

Social Media Marketing Platform

Many online businesses that manage their own social media, or even many other social media management services can get fans and followers. It is what you do with your audience that will monetize your efforts.

Once we have built your audience we can run some of the best marketing campaigns that will turn your fans and followers into customers. All of our promotions are done in a matter that will have your fans and followers coming back to your pages and telling all of their friends about your marketing campaigns we create.

Protecting Your Social Reputation

Managing your social media reputation is an absolute priority. Once you have created a bad social media reputation it is hard to repair it. We will fully monitor your social media reputation 24/7, and respond appropriately to all social media reviews and messages, while they’re fresh.

With our social management services we never use any tactics that will promote negative response. So we never need to worry about creating a bad reputation from our own efforts. This is important because many other social media management services use tactics that promote bad reviews, with PedalDown you can assure that the reviews your business will get is always positive.

Our Social Media Managed Service A to Z!

We can fully manage your social media through any networks you prefer such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Foursquare, and Instagram to name a few.

It is totally up to you on which networks you would like us to manage. You can also select which pieces you would like us to manage, of choose to allow us to fully manage your social media.

See below to see all of the services we off for your social media as well as popular packages we provide that will not break the bank!

All of the Needed Service to Fully Manage your Social Media in One Place!

  • Correct set up of your preferred social network pages, profiles, and/or blogs
  • Real-time monitoring and management of your preferred social networks and/or blogs
  • Professional SEO-training social media writer and editor assigned to your account
  • Unique social content that matches your business’s branding & voice
  • Creation and connection of profiles for preferred social networks
  • Unique email address for social profiles provided with inbox
  • Social mapping integration
  • Trending topic analysis
  • Posts daily, on preferred social networks
  • Blog writing & posting
  • Blog guest posting
  • Unified conversation thread
  • Reaction, replies, retweets to comments and messages on preferred social networks
  • Global coverage with multilingual response
  • Intuitive keyword query setup
  • Link wheel integration of preferred social networks for advanced search engine domination
  • Social media marketing analytics and performance reporting
  • White labeled social network promotional campaigns
  • Email response and newsletters to subscribers through social networks
  • Create, manage, and run and online sweepstakes, promotions, and offers
  • Create, manage, and run a social media campaign
  • Create a social media strategy and publication calendar

Social Media Management Pricing

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