Video Production & Marketing

Leverage the power of video to communicate your message for your product, service or brand to your audience that has the most impact and effectiveness. Not using video, then you are missing out on up to 41% potential customers.

Number of Searches Per Day

624-million searches

Number of Times Videos Are Displayed

advertising videos

Click Through % of Video Results


All Your Video Production and Video Marketing In Once Place!

From creation or refinement using script creation, voice over talent, content creation, video production to video content deployment and marketing, we provide all the solutions for your online video needs in one place!


Why Video Marketing Works

Enabling search and discovery through video marketing!

People Don’t Pay Much Attention to Text!


You have a matter of a few seconds to keep your readers’ attention on your site if you are only providing text!

  • Did you know the average attention span of a person in 2000 was 12 seconds?
  • Did you know the average attention span of a person in 2013 dropped to 8 seconds.
  • Did you know a  catfish has an attention span of 9 seconds?
  • Did you know the percentage of words read on a website page of 500 words is less than 25%


People Do Pay Attention to Video!


Placing just a 2.5 minute video will keep your visitors on your site much longer to find out more of what you offer!

  • Average Length of a single Internet Video that is watched start to finish is 2.7 Minutes.
  • 72 Hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day.
  • 4 billion + videos are viewed on just YouTube alone everyday. The conclusion is people love videos, not text.
  • The average time visitors spend on a website with video is measured in minutes, not seconds.



What People Remember Online

Providing video will allow your visitors to easily remember your website and its content over a website with strictly text or audio.

20% of What They Hear



30% of What They See



70% of What They See & Hear



What PedalDown Video Production and Marketing Can Do For Your Business

Video is today’s most acceptable communication medium for the fact that people just don’t like reading any more. We can create a visual experience for your customers that will allow you to get measurable results for your efforts. We can produce and market videos at a cost that can meet just about any budget. We can create many different services through our video production presentations.

Website Sales Brochure

No one takes the time to read printed material anymore, so place an informative video introduction brochure for them to view.

 Video-Based Instructions

When you sell a product or service  that requires any kind instructions, video can do the job and make customer happy.

Video-Based Interviews

Whether you inverview Sr. executives of your company or top clients, video can provide a great platform to express the message.



Video Testimonials

Using video testimonials can create trust with your buyers for your product or your service you are offering.

Product Demonstration Videos

People are visual beings, this means they will be much more likely to understand a concept or benefit if they see it.

24/7 Web Based Salesperson

This video salesperson never takes a day off, provide a 24/7 salesperson to assist with your customers when ever it is needed.

Training Videos

Training can cost companies a large amount of money using text based tutorials. Video training can save you thousands.

Promotional – Trade Show Videos

If you attend any number of trade shows, creating promotional videos is one of your top attractions to your displays.

Personal Greeting Video

Save a tree, improve your recycling efforts and leave a lasting impression with a custom Video Greeting.

Video Sales & Marketing Production Pricing

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